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​"Housing people in need


The Blue Door Project is here to help break the cycle of recidivism of addiction and homelessness in Maryland. Our homes are found in residential communities and provide a safe, structured and supportive environment to all our residents. Our main objective at The Blue Door Project is to help the community by assisting our residents gain the necessary tools to overcome the obstacles of life and this all begins with a safe place to call home.

Our Mission

Our mission and philosophy stems from four key components: Respect, Empathy, Self-Learning and Pride Of Ownership. We personally believe that housing is a universal necessity that creates positive change for all of humanity. With housing and the above key-tenets, we believe that we can impact change and help our residents better their lives. Our mission is simply to improve the lives of our resident through affordable, all-inclusive housing environments which are centered around respect, empathy, self-learning and pride of ownership.

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